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To meet BILT Middle East’s commitment to Safety, it is our policy to promote positive attitude towards accident prevention and establish safe work practices and conditions in our construction projects which forms the core element of our success

BILT Middle East Safety Policy and Procedures is to promote and establish requirements for the protection of life and property complying fully with the laws and statute of UAE and to maintain a safe working environment during all construction activities.

Throughout all phases of construction the Project Manager, Engineers, , Safety Inspectors, Supervisors and Employees must ensure that appropriate measures are taken to avoid the possibility of personal injury, damage to property or delay in projects due to accidents. 

We at BILT Middle East have an HSE management system to facilitate the structured management of HSE hazards and effects, associated with the business and ensures that mitigative methods are in place for properly controlling the hazards.

Our HSE management system follows a systematic approach, which is designed to 

  • Ensure compliance with the law
  • Demonstrate that all hazards are adequately managed
  • Achieve continuous improvement in HSE Performance


A project specific HSE Plan is prepared in accordance with our group policies and procedures, incorporating the Client and the Main Contractor requirements. 

BILT HSE Plan generally covers the following  

  • HSE Policy
  • The organizational structure, roles and responsibilities
  • Operational procedures and controls
  • HSE communication and promotion
  • Job Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment
  • Fire prevention and protection procedures
  • Emergency procedures
  • Accident / Incident reporting and investigation procedures
  • Environmental protection procedures
  • HSE performance measurement
  • HSE system evaluation
  • Health and welfare facilities


The HSE Plan defines the strategies that shall be used by the Project Management team to manage the safety performance of its Personnel, Consultant, Sub-Contractors, Vendors and Visitors. BILT shall ensure conformance to all applicable HSE requirements.

BILT ME policy accords safety the highest priority. Site safety requirements are laid down to ensure:

  • Safe systems of work.
  • Safe plant and equipment.
  • Safe means of handling, transporting and storage of articles and substances.
  • Adequate training, instruction, information and supervision.
  • A safe place of work with safe access to and egress from the place of work.
  • A safe and healthy environment.
  • Adequate welfare facilities. 


Procedures followed for the implementation of safety management system.

  • Safety Induction
  • Too Box Talks
  • Work permit system
  • Lock Out /Tag Out system
  • Scaffold Inspection and Tagging
  • Safety meeting / Briefing
  • Daily Site Inspection
  • Lifting equipment/tackles inspection
  • Portable tools inspection 
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