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Integrated Management System (IMS)

Bilt Middle East (BILT) is a ISO 9001:2015, 45001:2018 & 14001:2015 certified company. BILT implemented ISO standard Quality Management system in the year October 2000 in addition to the in house quality management system. BILT obtained ISO certification successfully in the year April 2001 within a span of six months from the implementation. BILT now has a total synchronized Integrated Management System (IMS) Quality Health Safety and Environment (QHSE). 

BILT ISO QHSE quality management system comprises

  • Quality Manual
  • Quality Procedure
  • Work Instruction
  • Forms & Formats
  • Contract Quality Plan
  • Inspection and Test Plan “Check List.


BILT MIDDLE EAST LLC (BILT) is committed to provide the highest possible quality of services in MEP works, Swimming pool & Leisure facilities of superior quality on time, every time to all our customers to fulfill their expectations.
BILT considers care for the environment without compromising the health and safety of our important asset viz. employees, and also contractors, customers, and visitors to our Head office and Project sites.
To emphasize our support to this policy, we commit ourselves to:
Maintaining and continually improving a process oriented Integrated Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety (QHSE) Management System that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 International Standards and other applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.
Measuring QHSE performance and setting clear annual QHSE objectives and targets at relevant levels and functions of the company and reviewing them periodically. 

Preventing and minimizing environmental pollution wherever possible through source reduction, reuse, and recycling.
Prevention of injury and ill health to employees, persons working for BILT, visitors including regulators and stake holders.
Communicating this QHSE policy to all personnel working with or on behalf of BILT and will be available to subcontractors, and all other involved in the projects, regulatory agencies, the public, or other interested parties through selected media.
Ensure that the QHSE policy is understood and applied as appropriate within the organization.
We recognize that the skills and involvement of our employees are essential for understanding and fulfilling the needs of our company and customers.
We provide the necessary resources to achieve our vision.
This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure it is relevant and suitable for the organization, and if necessary revised to take into account any changes in the organizational structure or in light of legislative changes.



BILT has well documented Quality Procedure to Implement QHSE System. BILT Quality procedure covers  

  • Document data control
  • Quality records
  • Management review
  • Control of drawings
  • Resources Management
  • Quality plan
  • Material purchase
  • Project Management product
  • Measuring devices
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Internal Quality audits
  • Non conforming product
  • Corrective & Preventive action
  • Inspection & test plan.

Quality Plans

BILT has developed a documented contract quality plan as a part of ISO Quality Management System.

BILT Quality control plan cover all activities involved in the project. The quality control plan are project specific covering all contractual requirements.  

Work Instruction  

BILT has developed well documented work instruction for MEP services. Based on the nature of project and contractual requirement, the work instruction will be picked up from ISO quality management document for implementation.

This will help and provide a consistent work quality of the MEP products.  

Method Statement

Based on the nature of project and contractual requirement, the project QA/QC team will generate the MEP activity Method Statement. The guide line to prepare method statement will be from our ISO Quality Health Safety and Environment document.

This will help us to generate a common uniform and consistent documentation throughout company.

QA/QC Forms & Formats

BILT has developed and documented fairly almost all type of forms and formats required for the project starting from inception stage to handing over to client. However project specifics based on the consultant requirement will be made available in project contract quality plan. 

QA/QC Check List

BILT has developed and documented check list required for MEP activities. The purpose of checklist is to adopt common and consistent quality check to be carried on the final end products.  

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