Dubai Creek Residence Phase 01A

Project Name : Dubai Creek Residence Phase 01A
Client : M/s.The Lagoons Phase One LLC
Consultant : M/s.ATK Engineering Consultants
Main Contractor : M/s.Al Basti & Muktha LLC
Project Completion : December, 2018

BUILT UP AREA = 2,706,296 SQ.FT. 

The site is located within the Dubai Creek Harbour phase 1A development in Dubai bounded by Dubai Creek to the West and the Lagoons development to the East .

The Dubai Creek Harbour Residences comprise two mirrored sets of three towers on 5/6 storey podiums. The two tower sets/clusters, North and South arc around the marina and maximise axial views towards the Burj Khalifa and views over the Ras Al Khor wild life sanctuary

The North residences comprises of 3 towers of 33 to 44 storey on a common podium (NW3, NE3 and NE2). Similarly, the South residence is almost identical to the North comprising of 3 towers on a common podium (SW3, SE3 and SE2)
Towers NE2 & SE2 are having 35 storeys with 5 apartments per floor from level 3 to 32 and Pent houses/plant rooms above. The total number of apartments is 298 Nos (149x2).
Towers NE3 & SE3 are having 33 storeys with 4 apartments per floor from level 3 to 27 and penthouses and plant room above. The total number of apartments is 200 Nos (100x2)
Towers NW3 & SW3 are having 44 storeys with 5 apartments per floor from level 3 to 37 and penthouses and plant rooms above. The total number of apartments is 346 Nos (173x2)
Podium Level-1 having 8 Apartments and Level-2 having 2 Apartments. The total Apartments in Podium Level-1 & 2 for North & South is 20 Nos. (10x2). Podium level-3 having 4 Villas (G+1). Total number of Podium Villas for North & South is 8 (4x2).

The total number of Apartments in both North & South residences together is 872.

Energy Transfer Station (ETS) with Heat Exchangers (Chilled Water is provided from District Cooling & total load is 8020 TR). Smoke Extract System, Car Park Ventilation System, Staircase Pressurization System, BTU Meters, FCUs, FAHUs, CCU & DX Units

Electrical Installation with total connected load of 29.30 MW, 24 Nos. of 1500 KVA Transformers, Standby Power Installations (2 Nos. of 1600 KVA Standby Diesel Generator Set).

Sprinkler & Fire Fighting Services, Fire Suppression Systems, Pre-Action System for Lift Machine Rooms, Disabled Toilet Alarm Systems, LPG System


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