Emirates Sports

Emirates Sports Facilities Project includes the following:

  • Grand Stand
  • Players Club House
  • Service Yard
  • Ancillary Buildings
  • Infrastructure works

7 Power transformers (1500kVA x 5 + 1000kVA x 2), 3 Nos 350 TR Air Cooled Chillers, set of primary, secondary & tertiary chilled water pumps, Hot water and Cold water system, Fire fighting pumps, Sprinkler system, Foam deluge system, FM 200, Infrastructure works comprising of under-ground chilled water piping, under-ground fire water piping, under-ground water supply and drainage system, under-ground power, telecom and low current services.
Fire Alarm and Voice Evacuation system, Central Battery Emergency Lighting system, Standby Generators 2 numbers (200kVA & 165kVA), UPS system, Lighting Control system, PA / BGM system, containment for security and telecom systems etc.