Dubai Stadiums

4 Nos. Football Stadium Lighting (Al Nasr Club, Al Ahli Club, Al Wasl Club
and Al Shabab Club)

  • Installation of 45 meters telescopic mast – 16 Nos. for 4 Nos. main football stadiums in Al Nasr, Al Wasl, Al Ahli and Al Shabab Clubs with 1088 Nos. 2 KW MH Light fittings to achieve 1400 Lux vertical.
  • Installation of 35/30 meters base hinged mast – 16 Nos. for secondary stadiums of above clubs to achieve 500 lux.
  • Installation of 32 Nos. 16 meters mast for outdoor courts with 2 KW MH Light fittings.
  • Upgrading the complete electrical system to suit the new power requirement.


Client : M/s. Dubai Municipality.
Consultants : M/s. GEMAC General Engineering Consultants