Burj Vista Down Town

The project is located in front of Burj Khalifa and it consists of 2 Residential Towers, one with 538 Apartments in 66 levels and the other with 128 Apartments in 20 levels. Both these towers are on a common Podium with Two Basement, Ground, Mezzanine and 3 Podium levels. The Tower-1 has 63 stories above Podium, out of which level 6 to 23, Level-26 to 43 and Level 47 to 64 are Apartments and Level-65 and Level-66 are Penthouse Apartment levels. The Tower-1 is served from plant rooms in B2, 4th, 5th, 24th, 25th, 45th, 46th, 62nd and 63rd floors. This tower is served from plant rooms at levels B2, 25 and 45. The Tower-2 h.as 20 stories above Podium, out of which Level-4 to Level-17 are Apartments, Level-15 & Level-16 are Plant rooms and Level-19 & 20 are Penthouse Apartment Levels. The tower is served from plant rooms at levels B2. The Tower-1 consists of 538 Apartments (1 Bed, 2 Bed, 3 Bed and 4 Bed & 5 Bed room Penthouses). The Tower-2 consists of 128 Apartments. The total built-up area of the development is 1,832,542 sq. ft. Bilt Middle East LLC is appointed to undertake the complete Air conditioning, HT & LV Electrical Systems, Low Current System, Plumbing, and Drainage & Fire Fighting Services.

The following services were provided by Bilt Middle East LLC.

  • Electrical installation with 14 x 1500 kVA Transformer.
  • Central Air conditioning System with supply and installation of Chilled Water pipe work system, G.I. duct work, indoor fan coil units, FAHUs, AHUs and Smoke Ventilation System.
  • The chilled water is supplied by District Cooling supplier. The total building cooling load is 5300 TR with cold side temperature of 50C (in)/13.80C (out).
  • The Secondary Coils temperature in tower is maintained by Plate Heat Exchangers.
  • Building Management System.
  • Raw Water System
  • Hot water system: Heat Pumps provided for individual apartments
  • Served by booster and transfer pump sets located at plant rooms in basement, level 24, level 46 and level 62.
  • Fire fighting system is served by Fire pump sets located at plant rooms located at basement, level-24, level-46 and level 62.
  • Drainage from Baths/Toilets/Kitchens will be collected and discharged through Double Stack Drainage system and the final discharge will be made to FICs for each towers.
  • LPG will be provided for serviced apartment kitchens and the restaurants will be provided with LPG stub outs. The LPG system is served from existing infrastructural LPG network.
  • Busbar arrangement for typical floor power distribution
  • 1 No. 700 kVA & 1 No. 380 kVA Diesel Generator Sets with ATS.
  • 1×10 kVA UPS for Security Systems.
  • Fire Alarm and Voice Evacuation System.
  • Central battery Emergency Lighting System
  • Structured Cabling with Active and Passive Components.
  • Public Address and Background Music System.
  • Lighting Control System.
  • CCTV and Access Control System
  • Video Intercom system
  • PABX System for Landlord areas.
  • Supply and installation of Front of House and Back of House Light Fittings.
  • WIFI System
  • Two Way Radio System
  • Aircraft Warning System
  • Earthing and Lightning Protection System.
  • The development cooling requirement is served by an Emaar district cooling network facilitated by an energy transfer station at Basement-2 level.
  • Sprinkler System
  • Fire hose reels
  • Landing valves
  • Fire hydrants
  • Clean agent fire suppression system, Foam deluge system & Pre-action system as required.


Client : M/s. Emaar
Consultant : M/s. BH.NS